Administrative Law

P. Kourides & Co LLC Law Firm represents individuals and corporate clients in front of the Cyprus Supreme Court in recourses against the validly of decisions of public authorities and administrative organs.

Individuals, institutions and any other corporate bodies can file for any recourse against any administrative decision claim within 75 days from the date that decision or act was published, or from the date of the notification to the individual, institution or any other corporate entity. In case of any omission, the application must be filed from the date when it came to the knowledge of the applicant. After passing of the abovementioned time of the 75 days without any reaction, it is not possible to make any claim against such decision or act and it becomes void and irrevocable.

Cyprus Administration Law is based on Article 146 of the Cyprus Constitution Laws enacted by the House of Representatives, Administrative Regulatory Act of the case Law of the Supreme Court in Cyprus.

The General Principles of Administrative Law and European Community Law.

After the accession of the Republic of Cyprus in the European Union in 2004, the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus was amended in order for the European Law prevail over Cyprus Law.

Administrative Law is a difficult subject of Law. We suggest to all of our clients to be careful and get a legal advice for any case dealing with administrative law.